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Where Did BIPOC Come From?


The acronym, which stands for black, Indigenous and people of color, is suddenly everywhere. Is it doing its job?

A Growing List of Resources for the Movement for Black Lives


Resources, donation links, reading recommendations and Black designers to support

The National Center for Transgender Equality


This national social justice organization is devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people. They provide education, advocacy, and resources on national issues of importance to transgender people.

Google Doc - BLM Resources


Owner: (twitter) @kara_case4

Editors (twitter): ⁦‪@ioneiydaydreams‬⁩ , @botanicaldyke

Trans Women of Color Collective


This organization serves those listed in the name of the organization. TWOCC works to empower the trans community of color and white allies to create and maintain change!

#TalkAboutTrayvon - Toolkit for White People


Let’s #TalkAboutTrayvon, because five years later, adults are still waving their guns around at Black and Brown kids and facing no consequences. Police continue to shoot Black children, women, men, and gender non-conforming people—and then walk free. White people need to be outraged about this if things are going to change—and we must move beyond outrage and into action. Speak out. Take action. #TalkAboutTray-von and support his legacy: