You're a Gem Oil Slick Candle

You're a Gem Oil Slick Candle


Hand poured eco friendly candles, each with a special added touch of sparkle and semi-prescious stones. Stones are hand selected and shaped from quartz geodes. Once lit, the glitter will float on top and the gems will sink into the wax. When you have burned through the entire candle, simply rinse gems with hot water and soap. Soy wax cleans up easily.


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Biodegradable glitter from from plant cellulose

Natural, biodegradable soy wax

Approximately 5 oz each

2.5" wide, 4" tall

Unscented / Fragrance Free

Hand poured in San Francisco

Made by Rise & Grind Glass


Please practice safe candle burning. Always stay with your candle while it is burning. Do not reach in for the gems while the wax is hot.

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