Sterling Silver Stacking Ring

Sterling Silver Stacking Ring


I have 2 on 24/7, mixed in with a couple other small rings. I also wear the smaller sizes as midi rings. These bad babes have held up through daily wear and tear, showering, working in my studio, gardening, multiple mental breakdowns during quarantine, and that one time I accidentally splashed really freakin hot candle wax all over my hands.


Did you know: Handwashing and showering with your sterling silver on will naturally keep tarnishing at bay. Tarnishing can happen as a reaction of your body oils and the metal. By washing your hands and showering with the rings on, you're keeping that sterling silver nice and shiny the lazy way. If you prefer to remove your rings, a quick polish with any sterling silver cleaner will get that silver nice and shiny!


If stacking multiple bands, please note: The more bands, the tighter they'll feel together. Many people recommend sizing up depending on how many bands you're stacking and how wide the other bands are. Please do your own research and experimentation with sizes prior to purchasing. All sales are final.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Sizes 4-10 (select from drop down)
  • Sold individually
  • Wanna save money on a set of 2? Click here.
  • Also come in 14k gold filled