Dichroic Glass Everlasting Gobstopper

Dichroic Glass Everlasting Gobstopper


If you would like different colored glass, please contact me prior to ordering.


This 3d suncatcher reminds me of the everlasting gobstoppers in Willy Wonka. This piece is small but mighty in its effects. Dichroic glass is like magic. Each square of this 6 sided piece reflects one color and shows another in the shadow behind it. It's like a futuristic disco ball and is absolutely mesmerizing.


  • Black patina
  • Dichroic glass (please note this glass has natural, tiny, colorless "speckles" throughout)
  • Hangs and spins from a vegan suede cord
    • Type in the color you'd like, otherwise a color will be chosen for you
  • Artist: Rise & Grind Glass
  • Safety Information

    Stained glass is traditionally crafted with solder and came, which both contain lead

    Lead is only harmful if ingested -- DO NOT EAT THE ART!

    It is always a good idea to wash hands after handling glass or lead

    Rise & Grind jewelry is always crafted with lead free solder, as a precaution

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