Maine Bobcat Skull Candle

Maine Bobcat Skull Candle


Paraffin Wax


Slow Burning Cotton Wick

Approx. 5"x3.5"x3"

Hand-Poured in Portland, Maine
Made in United States of America


Ships Feb 20th

  • About the brand

    The natural beauty of Maine is all too often overlooked. As a native Mainer, the creator behind Evangeline Linens regularly stops to spend a moment in wonder and appreciation of this. Ledges and seaweed, forests of tall pines, the spectacle of the seasons - life in Maine is simple and rugged while the people are straightforward and honest. They are proud that Evangeline is born from this rugged and enduring place. In every Evangeline piece the hope is to captured a bit of the wild, the resilience, and the warmth of Maine with simple materials to be used daily.