The Goblet of FIYAH Pin

The Goblet of FIYAH Pin


"'Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?' he asked calmly."


Any Harry Potter fan worth their weight in chocolate frogs knows that movie Dumbledore is significantly different from book Dumbledore and there's no proof of that more than this accidentally hilarious scene in Goblet of Fire.


This 1.25" light orange and gold enamel lapel pin says "Did yah put yah name in the goblet of fiyah?!" and makes it the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan.

Made in United States of America

  • About the brand

    Kiwi Schloffel is the brains and the brawn behind Craft Boner, starting the company in 2012 after one too many frustrating trips to the card aisle. She really just wanted a card for a friend that said, “You’re a badass bitch.” Kiwi designs all her cards from her studio in Denver. These are hand-lettered curse words and designs aimed for a chuckle.