My Story

Since I was a kid my dream has been to open my own shop. The vision has always been the same: A quaint and colorful little store, filled with local art, handmade products, and things that are just FUNKY. As I grew up my dream shop grew too. I imagined my shop would have a stage for open mic nights, a bar carrying local beer on tap, and enough space to host community events and classes. I shoved these ideas in the back of my head for later and went off to college to get myself a "real job".

I worked retail while in college and absolutely loved it. I was surprised to find engaging with customers, styling clients, creating visual displays, and reviewing new product was SO MUCH FUN. I proudly finished my Master's degree in Counseling and left my beloved retail job. I still felt a pull towards retail and art, but decided it was a good idea to start my PhD. A decision I came to question after the reality of my rising student loans came to a head! I

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ended up dropping out before I even began the program. By the end of my 20's I was an emotional mess. I was buried by student debt, felt lost in my direction in life, and had become generally resistant to fun.

When I turned 30 I decided for my own happiness I needed to chill out and practice a new life prospective. I call it "Not Giving A F*CK". I still give a f*ck, but I focus on picking and choosing my battles, and remind myself frequently to evaluate what is most important. I am not using my degrees professionally and I'm OK with that. Everything I learned in college made me who I am today and I am thankful for that! I am no longer waiting for my life to start. All of these facts both scare me and give me positive energy. When I'm feeling overwhelmed I remind myself it's OK to feel that way and it's OK to falter. As a baseline, I try to keep my focus on taking care of myself while still getting to have fun with life.

With this new perspective I am finally allowing myself to become immersed in art, self-love, and passion, without feeling guilty. It is a relief to finally allow myself to live my life, rather than anxiously wait for it to begin. I am so incredibly proud that with this shop I am able to regularly donate to causes I care about. It's an exciting and fulfilling adventure being here and I'm at peace with that.


I hope you find something in this shop that makes you FEEL something. In a world full of crazy, my goal is to share and uplift the beauty around us. Thanks for being here with me.

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