Mission Statement

My intention is to celebrate and support artists and shoppers who might not see themselves represented in mainstream shops. This is not done to be part of a shopping trend; product is not selected because the artist is queer or because the company is black-owned. Product is selected because it has value on its own. As a shop owner I recognize I have both the responsibility and privilege of researching who and where I am getting product from. It is important to me that  product comes from companies who respect and support social justice and who show value for human life. I personally test and approve of everything. Through careful curation of products, and a donation of 10% of all sales, I hope Rise & Grind can be an inspiration for everyone to rise up and do good for one another.

On a more personal note: For years I've dreamed of a shop that is filled with items for those who don't often see themselves represented. As a bisexual, polyamorist, feminist human I am jazzed anytime I'm shopping and I find something that celebrates these parts of me. I love finding products that make me smile and cause me to feel something. I appreciate knowing who I'm supporting when I shop. I'm just beginning to celebrate who I am and I want so badly to show others there is someone rooting for them!


Please use the form below if you have any feedback, comments, or want clarification about this Mission Statement. A real, live person is behind this website! I am not perfect and I will forever be working to deconstruct the learned racism, classism, and colonialism that exists in me, regardless of my liberal upbringing. Please trust that I am genuinely interested in taking the time to hear from you (either just to listen to your thoughts or to have a conversation together).

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