Rise & Grind Glass offers unique stained glass jewelry, garden art, and home decor. R&G items are handmade by me and recycled materials are incorporated as much as possible. I enjoy the challenge of using antique and recycled glass juxtaposed with modern materials. Rainbow hues and iridescent sparkles often find their way into my art, along with cheeky (and often dirty minded) themes. Drawing on my extensive and varied skills in the arts and crafts, I combine a number of different techniques in my work. As a lifelong learner I am always playing with new ideas and building my repertoire of skills.


In addition to giving me a space for my arts & crafts, I wanted to address the need for more Queer and Polyamorous Valentine's Day cards. Greeting cards, as well as other cool finds in the shop, are sourced from small makers and artists like myself. I do my research about where I source products and materials from, and try to carry lots of fun items from other other queer & LGBT artists and allies. My goal is to make a space for those who don't often see themselves represented in gift shops. Rise & Grind Glass is a collection of my favorite things, a representation of my strongest beliefs, and a smorgasbord of trinkets and curiosities I'm excited to share.